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For Each Coffin Sold We Plant A Broad Leafed Tree
Creating a sustainable future
For every willow coffin
sold, we will plant a broadleafed tree.
Welcome to English Willow Coffins
English Willow Coffins offer an elegant selection of the finest handmade willow coffins, crafted by our skilled basket makers, using traditional and sustainable methods. Willow coffins are favoured as an alternative to traditional coffins due to their aesthetic appeal and for sound environmental reasons.

Based on the Somerset Levels, the heart of the English willow industry, P H Coate & Son have been working with willow since 1819. With great attention to detail, each coffin is strongly made using skills passed down through generations of the Coate family.

English Willow Coffins

Willow has the unique ability to regenerate repeatedly from the same crown for over 30 years, and provides an attractive and highly sustainable source of material to work with.

Willow coffins are suitable for burial, cremation and green burial sites. English Willow Coffins offer a choice of coffin shapes, colours and finishing details from which to make your selection.

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English Willow Coffins Willow Ashes Casket
English Willow Coffins
For a beautifully natural burial
We also offer a willow ashes casket.
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