English Willow Coffins
For Each Coffin Sold We Plant A Broad Leafed Tree
Creating a sustainable future
For every willow coffin
sold, we will plant a broadleafed tree.
Willow Grown for Coffin Production
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W i l l o w  S us t a i n a b i l i t y

Willow grows extremely quickly, in one growing season, which lasts from late May to early October, a single rod can reach up to 8ft long. New willow beds are planted in the spring using pieces of willow from the crop harvested during the previous winter. With careful management the plants can last up to 30 years.

Each mature plant or "stool" gives rise to over 30 rods. The crop is harvested each winter time after the leaves have died and fallen, these old leaves provide nutrients for the following years, eliminating the need for artificial fertilisers.

The willow beds provide homes and shelter for many species of birds and animals during the summer months. Both the commercial willow crops, or beds and the pollarded willow trees contribute to the character and image of the "Somerset Levels" region.

The process of burning willow is considered to be carbon neutral, making them a good environmental option.

Here at P H Coate we believe in working towards a sustainable future. Much of the water used to process our willow is pumped naturally using wind power, reducing both energy usage and chemical content in the water.

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