English Willow Coffins
For Each Coffin Sold We Plant A Broad Leafed Tree
Creating a sustainable future
For every willow coffin
sold, we will plant a broadleafed tree.
Willow Coffins Made in Somerset
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M a k i n g  W i l l o w  C o f f i n s
Weaving Terms

There are many styles of willow weaving. These include:

Using single strands of willow to weave. Randing is the strongest weave. Gives a fine look.

A special weave to add strength and shape to a basket. Found around the base of a basket to set the shape and thereafter mainly on taller baskets to maintain the shape and give strength. Often used artistically in contrasting colour.

The weave around the top of the basket. The border ties in the weave and gives a strong finish.

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